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TEST: Personality Temperament Test - Questionnaire

Personality Temperament Test
 - Questionnaire -
This is a Personality Temperament Test taken from Tim LaHaye's book, "Why You Act The Way You Do". It helps assess your Temperament Profile of potential strengths & weaknesses. It's very simple and takes about 45 minutes to complete. There are 4 Sections below. In each section you will find a series of descriptive words. Your job is to read each word and put a number next to it according to how well it describes the REAL you. To get a more accurate assessment of your temperament have 3-4 close friends &/or family members also complete a test about your temperament.
After you have completed all 4 Sections scroll down to the bottom of this page for further instructions.
SCORING CRITERIA: Score How Each Word Best Describes You:
1 = "That is definitely NOT me!"
2 = "That is usually NOT me."
3 = "That is usually me."
4 = "That is mostly me."
5 = "That is definitely me!"
It's important that you be honest and objective. Don't mark a box according to how you want to be seen, rather mark it according to how you really are.

<><   If the word describes exactly who you NATURALLY ARE NOT then put a "1" next to it. "That is definitely NOT me!"
<><   If the word describes pretty INACCURATELY who you NATURALLY are then put a "2" next to it. "That is usually not me."
<><   If the word describes somewhat accurately who you NATURALLY are then put a "3" next to it. "That is usually me."
<><   If the word describes pretty accurately who you NATURALLY are then put a "4" next to it. "That is mostly me."
<><   If the word describes exactly who you NATURALLY are then put a "5" next to it. "That is definitely me!"
If it is NATURALLY who you are then it isn't something that you are "working on" nor is it something that requires a lot of effort in order for you to be that way. It just comes natural. Some of the descriptive words below are very flattering words and some are unflattering words. Don't answer according to how you want to be or don't want to be. BE COMPLETELY 100% HONEST WITH YOURSELF.... BE RAW ABOUT WHO YOU ARE RIGHT NOW AT THIS POINT IN YOUR LIFE.
__ emotional
__ egotistical
__ interrupts others
__ compassionate
__ impulsive
__ disorganized
__ impractical
__ funny
__ forgetful
__ easily discouraged
__ very positive
__ easily angered
__ undisciplined
__ extrovert
__ refreshing
__ lively/spirited
__ weak-willed
__ spontaneous
__ talkative
__ delightful/cheerful
__ enjoyable
__ popular
__ friendly/sociable
__ "bouncy"
__ restless
__ difficulty concentrating
__ likes to play
__ difficulty keeping resolutions
__ lives in present
__ difficulty with appointments
__ optimistic
__ determined
__ bossy
__ goal-oriented
__ decisive
__ frank
__ self-confident
__ sarcastic
__ workaholic
__ self-sufficient
__ practical
__ headstrong
__ activist
__ outgoing
__ domineering
__ adventurous
__ aggressive
__ competitive
__ leadership ability
__ daring
__ persevering
__ bold
__ strong-willed
__ persuasive
__ hot-tempered
__ resourceful
__ insensitive
__ outspoken
__ unsympathetic
__ productive
__ deep feeling
__ critical
__ insecure
__ sensitive
__ indecisive
__ hard to please
__ self-centered
__ pessimistic
__ depressed easily
__ easily offended
__ idealistic
__ loner
__ self-sacrificing
__ introvert
__ faithful friend
__ analytical
__ considerate
__ likes behind the scenes
__ suspicious
__ respectful
__ introspective
__ planner
__ perfectionist
__ scheduled
__ unforgiving/resents
__ orderly
__ creative
__ detailed
__ moody
__ gifted (musically or athletically)

__ very quiet
__ selfish
__ unenthusiastic
__ negative
__ regular daily habits
__ hesitant
__ shy
__ stingy
__ aimless
__ not aggressive
__ stubborn
__ worrier
__ spectator of life
__ works well under pressure
__ indecisive
__ adaptable
__ slow and lazy
__ submissive to others
__ easy going
__ reserved
__ calm and cool
__ content/satisfied
__ efficient
__ patient
__ dependable
__ listener
__ witty/dry humor
__ pleasant
__ teases others
__ consistent

After you have finished all of the above 4 Sections go back and cancel out each description that you scored either a 1 or 2 by drawing a line through that number. Since that score is so low it doesn't really apply to your overall scoring in each Section. Now add up all of the 3's, 4's, & 5's in each Section and write your total somewhere within each appropriate Section. The Section with the highest score is your Primary Temperament and the Section with the second highest score is your Secondary Temperament. No one is one pure temperament, but instead we are a blend of all the temperaments.

Each Section represents one of four Temperaments:
Sanguine Temperament (fun-loving extrovert; outgoing; very social; "the life of the party") - EXTROVERT
Choleric Temperament (focused; extrovert; goal oriented; "the achiever") - EXTROVERT
Melancholy Temperament (detailed; introspective; artistic; "the naturally gifted") - INTROVERT
Phlegmatic Temperament (easy going; stable; consistent; "the loyal friend") - INTROVERT

Since everyone is a combination of the four Temperaments you need to find out what your Temperament "Blend" is by assessing what your Primary & Secondary Temperaments are. The Section with the highest score is your Primary Temperament and the section with the second highest score is your Secondary Temperament. Now morph your Primary & Secondary together. In other words, if you scored highest in Section 2 (Choleric) and second highest in Section 4 (Phlegmatic) then your Temperament Blend would be "ChlorPhleg". Or if you scored highest in Section 1 (Sanguine) and second highest in Section 3 (Melancholy) then your Temperament Blend would be "SanMel". If you tied in any Section then see which Section had the most 5's to determine which Section more accurately represents you. It is also possible to be a Tri-Blend Temperament who has 3 dominant Temperaments.

Once you have figured out your Temperament Blend it's time to read about your Temperament Profile to see what some of your potential strengths and some of your potential weaknesses are, as well as to find out what Bible character might have displayed a similar Temperament Profile. Click here to match your Temperament Blend and read more about your Temperament Profile.

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