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trail·blaz·er (noun): a person who opens up a path through unsettled wilderness for others to follow.
Have you ever wondered how Going The Distance Adventure Ministry started?
Check out this 10 minute video hosted by GTD founder Doug Garner to see
the rich history that formed the foundational years of GTD.
GTD'S TRAILBLAZING HISTORY (SEE VIDEO ABOVE): God works in many different ways to supply our provisional needs so that we can pursue His calling. Sometimes God takes a supernatural approach of supplying needs like He did with Moses & the Israelites as He rained down manna from the sky. Sometimes God takes a pragmatic approach of supplying needs through a bi-vocational means as Paul did in the New Testiment when he made tents to supplement his financial needs. And sometimes God takes an inspired approach by moving the hearts of people to financially support someone's calling as He did when He prompted the king to provide all of Nehemiah's supplies to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem.
In addition to God's means of provision, there has been a common pattern among those following God's call - they had to make personal sacrifices. In other words, they had to do their part by giving up & letting go of things that were important to them in order to focus on God's call for their life. GTD's history is one of great sacrifice along with God supplying our basic provisions through all three approaches - bi-vocational, inspired, and supernatural.
GTD has a rich history of both sacrifice & divine provisions. It took over 10 years of overtime work before GTD's founder ever received a very small paycheck. In those 10 years he sold most of everything he owned, he lived in a 160 sq foot addition in the back of his parents house to cut expenses, he worked as a Respiratory Therapist and owned a lawn service in order to purchase supplies for the ministry and to cover his personal expenses. And he worked 60+ hours a week building GTD. During that time God moved the hearts of several people to donate to the cause & help volunteer in any way they could.
The early years of GTD weren't easy, but nothing of substance comes easy. It's amazing the things God can teach a person through hard uphill challenges. The lessons learned made the hard journey more than worthwhile... it made it life changing.
This is our history. This is our legacy.
WHAT IS A TRAILBLAZER? We believe that the same way God worked through Doug to blaze a trail for GTD is the same way He wants to blaze new trails within GTD. GTD's Trailbalzers are pioneers who we believe God has called to blaze new paths to new programs within GTD. In doing so, they also are making great sacrifices and seeking God for His provisions as they follow His call. Each Trailblazer is required to make personal sacrifices to cut monthly expenses to the bare essentials while raising temporary support that can free them up to focus on the building of their program for the next 2 years. After 2 years the program, rather than donors, will provide their basic financial needs.
WHAT'S THE GOAL? The goal for each Trailblazer is to build, establish and maintain an important GTD ministry program that will impact lives with the life changing message of Jesus Christ. One of their main goals is to transform their donation dependent program into a spiritually fruitful & self sustaining program in 2 years. Once accomplished the program, rather than donations, will supply a full-time salary. The full-time annual salary for a GTD Director is capped at 30k.
HOW DO THEY BLAZE THE TRAIL? In order to do this, each Director makes great sacrifices to cut their living expenses down to the bare esstentials (around 1k per month or less) so that they can work full-time on the development of their program. As their program grows it begins to supply their salary (1 Cor 9: 7-12; 1 Tim 5: 17-18).
WHAT'S THE YEARLY FINANCIAL GOAL? Ultimately the goal is for the Director's hard work to produce a program that eternally impacts lives while also supplying their basic financial needs so that they are able to devote themselves to full-time ministry instead of part time ministry and a different part time job. Therefore, the yearly salary goal is for each Director to progress from 1k/month in year one to 1.5k/month in year two and to 2.5k/month in year three.
HOW CAN YOU HELP? In most cases the Trailblazer will need family & friends to financially partner with them for the next 12-24 months as they devote themselves to this great endeavor. The best way to help is by signing up for a 12 month payment plan (or making a one time dontaion) and to support them with prayer & encouragement. Check out our Trailblazers and Interns below and prayerfully consider adopting one or more of them for one year. Thank you in advnace for your support!

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